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Monday, April 13

Invasion of The Thais On A Tribal Night~!

Damn my title damn dramatic. Well let me explain. It was my usual Monday class as usual and I had managed to arrived early to join Riyo's Body Step class. She had mentioned that there will be some Thai's instructors joining her tonight. So there they were, Riyo, Jacqueline and the two Thai fella which I forgot their names. One of them did Track 4 and 5. It was energetic and the songs selection tonight was phenomenal. Sad that QQ wasn't able to join as it was already Track 4 when she arrived.

But I did managed to join her for Herny's RPM class. We did American Boy again for warm-up which I don't mind a repeat as I love the song. Tribal Dance was one of the climax song during the class. My first time doing that track and well it's challenging. Having an instructor sitting next to me really do have it's good point. QQ managed to advised me on my sit back techniques. After finishing Track 7 we quickly sneak out the class as we are rushing for the next class.

It's not Master C class tonight but a special appearance by Renee, Janice and Kwan from Thailand. Renee did the first 5 tracks and the lead was pass to Kwan for Track 6 & 7. And why do you know, we did Tribal Dance again for Track 4. This s not the first time I saw her as she was here last year for the Miracle launch. I heard that she might be back for the Miracle this coming June. Class was damn pack tonight as I saw some really unfamiliar faces in the crowd. Some instructors (Lillian & Peggy) was in the crowd doing the class too. But at the end of the class, I wasn't that tired at all. Haha!

Last class of the night, K-Bear's Body Pump class. I was joking with her before the class, asking her why there is no Thai instructors in her class. And I jokingly asked her to ask IM to TT with her. Since IM can pass as a Thai anytime. LOL~! What do you know, IM did go on stage with her together with Scott. We did discussed on the tracks that we wanted to do this week and I regret saying that I wanted Tribal Dance for shoulder. The 3rd Tribal Dance track I did tonight. LOL~!! Tracks selection was great and on the tough side. But what the heck, we paid to feel pain ain't it. This reminds me of someones saying, "What Doesn't Kills You Only Makes You Stronger".

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