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Tuesday, April 21

God Bless You My Friend

I just found out yesterday that one of my ex-college-mate from Inti had cancer, bone cancer that is. I was really surprised when one of my schoolmate told me that. Actually when the moment that I heard that, I am not sure how to react. I found out that she was diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma. It's the second most common bone cancer. So I had planned with other college mates to travel down this weekend to visit her. Calls were made immediately as soon I know bout her condition. Most of the friends was able to make it for the trip. Was really happy to hear that most of our friends are so willing to spare some of their time for this trip. She is having her 1st session of chemotherapy and if anything goes well after the third, she should be fine. Just wanna wish all well and best wishes here for my friend.

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