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Wednesday, April 22

Sign, Sealed, Delivered~!

Finally it's all settle, well at least part of it. Well for those who haven't heard of the news yet, I had sign the S&P for my first property. After meeting up with the bankers (CIMB & Maybank) this afternoon and hearing what they had to offer, I had decided to go for Maybank for my loan. Well let's just say that their offers are more attractive. So I signed my loan agreement with the bank and later sign my S&P agreement with the developer. After signing like hundred pieces of documents, everything is done. Now I just need to wait for the documents to be stamp by the law firm which was appointed by the developer. I heard that it takes 2 - 3 weeks. So after obtaining the documents later, I am able to take the documents to KWSP to withdraw my EPF. And that will take another 2 - 3 weeks. I think by early June everything will be settle. Finger cross~! : )

After all the signing session it's almost time for gym. Was about to park at my usual spot when I noticed a big banner being hung that read, "Kawasan Tunda by MPSJ". Hence I opted to park inside. Tonight's Body Step class was nice as the tracks selection was some all time favourites. After the class I quickly set up my weights when Debbie came over and asked me to sign for her and QQ for RPM class later. Huh?? How am I gonna sign for her since I am joining Sue's pump. She thought that I wasn't joining as it's Andy teaching tonight. Huh?? I didn't know it's him either. But since I had already set up my weight, why not. Damn deja vu tracks, even Walk This Way for biceps. But it wasn't that hard when you did it more than twice. Master T was late tonight so we quickly run into the class. Class was damn funny as FP kept teasing Mark. MD couldn't join us for supper again but we did have KNSQ with us tonight.

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