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Thursday, April 16

Triple Theme Class @ KBT

Was deciding which gym to go tonight as I was quite lazy to travel down all the way to KBT just for K-Bear's class. So I called up CP and asked what other classes was around. Luckily Riyo's Body Step class was before K-Bear and Master C's Body Combat was after that. 3 classes back to back is quite worth my journey down. Got a call from my friend who wanted to check out the house I wanna bought at Kemuning Utama. Well since the timing is all accordingly, so I had decided to go to KBT after visiting Kemuning Utama.

I thought that Riyo was the only one teaching but suddenly I saw two boards on the stage. In come Eric T with the air mic. OMG~! Don't tell me he's gonna TT with Riyo. Sigh~! Whatever~! So here's the stupid or rather silly thing happened. As usual my board level was set to the highest for the first 4 tracks. And this Eric T was on the stage asking me to lower down my board. First, I am not a newbie and I know my level of resistance, so I politely say it's OK. Again he told me that the level is too high for warm up. Purlesss lar, we at Consplant had been doing this for ages, and don't compare his standard with others. Anyway, I just neglect him and the class started. Choice of tracks was terrible. One, it's too low impact, two it's too slow beat and three he's pre-que was not that good. Luckily Riyo took over from Track 5 I think and brought the class back up. We're still doing the Monday track, but what the heck~!

Quickly get a board and get ready for K-Bear & her BFF's class. Class was almost full tonight. I guess someone was waiting for them to take off their jacket and check them out. And that someone was so clever to brought his handphone in the studio and try to take a picture of K-Bear and Riyo with their bikini top. But K-Bear did reminded him that no picture was permitted unless by Eric T himself. LOL~! Served him right~! Since we had discussed the track selection for the first five tracks so I was wondering what was Riyo's selection for the second half. It was alright and there was this challenge during the Biceps track and the winner get a towel from FF (Woo Hoo~!! Yeah Right!!)

Continued with Master C's Body Combat after pump. Class was full but I am lucky to be standing next to the stage so it's not that close to the others. Did some mix old tracks. I was laughing when he say to split the class to two with the left side belongs to the pros as they are all wearing wraps. My gosh, I even saw one wearing blue on the left hand and red on the right. Weird but it's all happening in KBT. Crowd was all hyped and was shouting all the way. Tracks selection was mostly his favourite tracks. So no surprise there. Came out during conditioning as I was really lazy to do another round of conditioning after the first two classes. Went to the locker to check my calls and found out from my banker that my house loan had been approved. YES!!! Dream house is now coming closer and closer~!

UPDATE: Babe told me that night while she was coming up from the basement, she saw someone's car got broke in. Both the front door was wide open but no one was around. So reminder to others, please do not park your car too near to the lift where there is not much traffic. You can park nearer to the parking meter.

5 Octopus:

Aleximon 2.0 said...

sometime you need to listen to instructor's advice no matter you are expert or not.

This is to protect you injured and knee pain. : )

BaBy OcTopUs said...

I know. But like I said also, I know my limit and not a newbie also. Kekeke! Anyway, already pass lar. won't see him again also. kakaka!

Aleximon 2.0 said...

hahaha....you step still need improve lah. so weird.

but i noticed someone wish to take K-bear's photo in the studio, right ?

BaBy OcTopUs said...

There is one move which I don't do cause my ankle is a bit hurt and it will some how hurt it or cause pain to my ankle so I go for the option. :)

Ya lor, U know I know lor ... kakaka!

Small but still can kill hor ... hahaha!! Damn funny lar u !

speechless said...

hey, u didn't post about the car park near the lift what happen ar? must post up to let ur frens know la, dangerous there...

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