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Thursday, April 16

MAS Screwed Me Up Big Time!

OMFG~!!! MAS totally screwed me up (or the rest of the passengers to be exact). Let me explained what happen to me on my way back from my trip at Labuan last night. My boarding time was supposed to be 4.20pm and we're supposed to be taking off at 5.20pm. So we were all waiting in the waiting hall and the screen was showing, CALLING during that time. But the CALLING lasted till 6pm and no one said anything. WTF!! There wasn't even a single staff from MAS which was around the whole time. Then suddenly the above screen was shown. WTF!! 3-1/2 hours delay? And not including the 40mins that we had endure before that.

Finally some guy came out and said that all flight are delayed and ask us to go to the main hall to wait. Some foreigners were not happy as they are doing some transit flights to another location from KLCC. So we all were walking down back to the main hall. Passengers are rushing to the MAS counter to check what had happened and no one could answer us. Coincidentally my customer was having the same flight as us. Boy he was pissed and ask one of the staff to come over to ask him. He quoted, "Operational Problem". WTF does that supposed to mean? Like my customer said, we are not mad if the flight is delay but MAS should have the courtesy to send a representative to inform us of the situation and what is the next best solution for us all. Rather than just let us wait for 40minutes and informing us just on the LCD screen that the flight was delayed.

This is my first flight with MAS and I am totally not impressed at all of the way they handled the situation. This is not the kind of service which I expect from a 5 star air company. They should have train their staff well and let some one with experience to handle the crowd rather than just waited the situation to escalate and then only informing us. How dumb is that?!! Finally we were back at the waiting at 9pm and AGAIN we were supposed to leave at 9.30pm but we had waited for another 30minutes before we are asked to go on the plane. And AGAIN no one inform us of the delay and said anything about it. Totally fark up~!!! So at the end I touch down at KLIA around 12.40am and got home at 1.30am. Totally a waste of time.

6 Octopus:

md said...

i kena before also with KLM. the flight was delayed for 5 hours due to operational problem also.

KLM provide us dinner as a compensation.

i even worst, touch down at KLIA at 1.45am.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Operational Problem means what?? The pilot got drunk and not allowed to fly is it? KNS!!!

I think the plane wasn't full and so they push it to the latter flight together with the other people and make it one trip. More viable to them for the cost of the flight. Operational Problem ... super KNS!!

md said...

i think u are right for your case but KLM only have 1 flight back to msia only. they dont have another later flight, how to combine the passengers??

or maybe they found some snakes in the plane gua, hahaha..

BaBy OcTopUs said...

one word lar, KNS!! super KNS! make me waited for so long. in 3-1/2 hour time I could be back home sleeping already la. Sigh~!

md said...

at least u experienced before maa..haha!!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

OK la, at least the stewardess was nice and pretty .. kakaka!

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