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Sunday, May 10

Happy Mother's Day

The weekend starts off for me very early as I had promised my mom to go over my brother's house for breakfast. She had bought the famous dry pan mee from Kajang for me. Oh how, can I say NO to that request??! After taking breakfast, babe and me decided to hang out at my bro's house while he's installing the software for my babe's new Mac. I fall asleep half way as it was really hot that day.

Woke up and was deciding where to have dinner with my parents. Initially it was supposed to be TGI Friday at IOI Mall but since mom wanted something with cook rice, so we opted for a new seafood at Bandar Puteri. But we changed to another place after that when we found out that the place was fully booked. After dinner, we went over to Secret Recipe for dessert as my parents like their cakes very much. Ordered 6 different slices of cakes while spending some quality time with my parents.

I was initially planning to go for Master T's morning class but bro called for breakfast and I postponed my plan for next week. We had breakfast and decided to check out some shops at Damansara Utama for some house appliances. There are so many lighting shops in Damansara Utama. I think there is at least 6 shops in the same row. After having a long time checking out the shops, decided to sit down and have a drink at Old Town. Decided to call it a day as I wanted to look for a vet for Coco.

Found out that he is having some fungus thingy disease which is slowly spreading from his tail to his body. But found out that most of the vet only operates half day on Sunday. The funny part was during the drive over to Damansara Jaya looking for the vet. Coco was so scared that he was trying to look for a way out my car and finally hides up at the windscreen behind my car. He was purring all the way, so pity. He sounded so scared but babe and me was laughing as it sounded so cute to us.

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