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Wednesday, May 6

Gut Feeling Vs. Brain ???

Boy I was so sleepy when I was driving pass Melaka. Almost doze off while driving but luckily managed to recover back before anything unforeseen incident could arise. Quickly stop at the closest R&R and freshen up. Drove all the way down Senai after that. Gut feeling won over brain and I ended up 35km away from the actual destination. Stupid stupid stupid~! Almost ended up at Second Link. LOL! Finished off all the appointments and drop by Metrojaya's warehouse sales which so happen to be held over at Danga City Mall (*wink wink*). Wasn't what I expected. Lots of sales and items but not my interest though. Check in and rest before heading out looking for food. After going through few shopping mall, decided to settle down with Lavazza Cafe. Food suck! Mushroom soup too watery and my Cabonara too salty. For the love of god, how the hell did they managed to cook up a salty Cabonara? Went back and try to go online but the hotel's WiFi fark me up again although I am staying in a lower floor now. Sigh~! Had a long day today and gonna have a longer one tomorrow, so better rest early. And I should be doing back-to-back RPM class right now. Sigh~!!!

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