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Friday, May 8

Zooming Back To KL

I was driving back from Johor around noon as I plan to make it for the signing for my S&P and bank loan documents at the lawyer firm. Managed to reach KL after 3 and a half hour which is earlier than I expected. No, I didn't speed, well most of the journey except the stretch between Pork Dickson and Nilai exit. I was so damn bored when I saw one Honda Accord being tailed by another Hyundai Accent who is being tailed by a KELISA??? Well, I joined in the chase as I was really bored of traveling at 110km/hr the whole journey. I think 4 of us drove at least 160km/hr while cutting pass all the car and tailgating them all at one point. There were a lot of cars between Seremban and Nilai as usual so we squeezed in between cars and the Accord even used the emergency lane. How crazy is that. LOL!!

Anyway, I reached Shah Alam and signed like 400 pages of documents. Decided not to go for gym tonight as I wasn't in the mood and was a bit tired. So decided to catch a movie instead. I can't wait to catch X Men Origins since last weekend while I'm up North with the gang. So I had decided to watch it this weekend no matter what. Managed to bought the tickets for the 11.40pm show. Actually there were seats for the 9.40pm show but I didn't really like the seats. After finishing dinner and shopping we were waiting at the book store nearby the cinema when suddenly someone jump up behind me. Damn~! It was MD. He had just finished the 9.40pm session. What a small world. He saw me from far away and decided to give me a surprised. Movie was great and didn't really felt any boring or sleepy session during the whole movie. Wolverine's ROCK!!!

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