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Saturday, May 9

X Men Origins : Wolverine

Everyone has their own origins, even superheros. So this movie focuses on one of my all time favourite superheros character, Wolverine from the X-Men. Who doesn't like Wolverine? I mean with that bad ass look, cool bods and that super cool Adamantium retractable sharp blades (or rather bones) coming out from both his hands. They got it right by choosing Hugh Jackman to play the character in the first installment. The attitude and the looks was just perfect.

So back to this movie, it started off telling the tales of two brothers (non blood related) who ran away from home and had been through wars and death together. But one of them Victor a.k.a Sabretooth had turn uncontrollable during this time and at the end they both part ways. Jimmy Logan a.k.a Wolverine had resided himself from the world with his lover up the hills but finally being caught up by his old employer, Skyler.

In the movies, you will see a lot of faces which are familiar to the X-Men franchise, such as Gambit, Night Crawler, Storm, Cyclops and the in famous Weapon XI a.k.a Death Pool. Oh man, he's so damn cool. Not gonna tell the ending here but let you watch it yourself instead. A great movie to share with friends as I like the story line. Not too boring but not too much action. It shows the emotional side of Wolverine which we don't really see much. Definitely a movie to be recommended to my friends. (Rating: 4 out of 5)

PS: There is some snippets at the end of the movie. So don't walk out that fast when the credits come rolling down. : ) And I heard there is another ending to this which I am not gonna mentioned in here to spoil the fun.

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