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Friday, July 31

Friday Night Rush

It was Friday and I was really looking forward for the day as I am gonna get my new gadget tonight. But since there were some delay in the shipping of the phone so I am still waiting for the call from Maxis. They told me that it would be around 8.30pm when I will get my phone. So I thought why waste the night waiting and decided to join my usual RPM class. It wasn't as full as usual (6 members). Joe did some of my favourite tracks tonight. Tried to pump myself as much as possible as there was no Body Step class afterward. It was replaced by the special theme Bollywood dance class. Finally they called me around 7.30pm and informed me that I can go over to collect from SS2. Damn the traffic was so terrible that night. Took me 35 minutes just to get there.

There are already a few people waiting for their pre-booked phone like me. Finally it was my turn and I paid the remaining payment and they activated my phone straight away. No time to fiddle around with my new gadget as I need to rush back to gym. They were already doing Track 5 when I arrived. Changed my shoe and did Track 6 to 8. Since babe wanna have something to bite, we had our supper at Asia Cafe. Need to call it a night early as I got an early drive back my hometown the next day. Gonna fully charge my new baby up and get ready for my journey tomorrow.

Mental Note: RPM: 560kcal & BC: 260kcal (Track 6 - 8). Total of 5,100kcal for the week.

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