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Thursday, July 30

My Future House Site Visit - Jul 09

It's been a month since my last site visit to my house. So I thought why not to go over yesterday to check it out and see what is the progress. Surprisingly it was really fast. I can see that the walls had been cemented compared to my previous visit. It's really nice to see that the house is coming into shape. Already thinking of the locks smith and planning for the master key concept with my friend today. There is really a lot to learn from the whole process. Getting the most competitive price on tiles, paints, grills, kitchen cabinets and this must also come with good workmanship too. Really lots of stuff to think about. Hopefully I can get the vacant possession before the stipulated date and I think I will by the rate they are going now. One more year and it will all be ready. Yes!!

Personal Note: RPM: 580kcal; BC: 360kcal (Track 4 -8).

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