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Saturday, August 1

My New Baby - iPhone 3G S

Finally it had arrived in our shore. It's the new iPhone 3G S. Some of my friend knew bout this and for those who don't well here it is. Booked on this baby 2 weeks back and just got it yesterday night. There was some delay on the delivery but at the end I still managed to get mine on time. So what's pack in this baby? You can read how great this baby is at the Apple website as I don't wanna fill the whole page with the features it has. Just some worth mentioning is Speed (hence the S) it has to offer (2x) compared to his predecessor 3G. The addition of video recording, voice control (oh this is so cool) and the large capacity (up to 32GB) is what this new kid on the block had to offer.

So above shows the un-boxing of the phone and as you can see, there is practically nothing much in the black box. Top open and there is the phone, beneath is the manual (which is quite little) as they encourage you to go online and look for the complete manual. Less paper use means it's more environmental friendly. Comes with Apple earphone with remote and mic, dock connector to USB cable and USB power adapter. So what is the silver thingy on top (picture below), well that's the key to unlock the SIM card. Nifty right? Gonna go through the iTune store and check out what they have to offer.

8 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

really cool phone ! faster go itune store, but most of the app are chargeable lo

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Still dunno what to download. Haha. But got new update higher than 3.0 to download la. Haha

Tony said...

way cool~!!! you're the man Steven

Aleximon said...

that is beta version, dont update yet.

iPhone 3G said...

hey dude, how is the performance of the 3G S? I heard that it's really fast compared to my current 3G unit. still deciding to upgrade or not. how is the camera? any different? better? sorry for all the questions.

good catch dude :>

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Tony: Thanx bro :)

Alex: Is it? I don't know la. Then don't download lo. hehe!

iPhone 3G: Yeah, 3G S is far more superior in SPEED. LOL!! Anyway, you got to have one to experience it. Camera is better with the auto focus and the extra pixel.

Anonymous said...

wow you got your phone on Friday night? That was the first batch I heard. You're fast. I only gonna get mine tomorrow. Can't wait to try it out.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Ya, cause I specifically told them I need to take on that day as I will be off early the next day. :)

enjoy the new phone friend

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