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Tuesday, July 28

Totally Nonsense !!!

I was really surprised when Maybank (MBB) sent me a letter yesterday informing me that they will debit the Fire Insurance amount to my loan at the end of the month. WTF??!!! I thought that this case is closed last month when I shown them the letter. OK, for those who is new to this, let me explain. I bought a house and it's under construction. Bank send me a letter asking me to pay for the Fire Insurance during this stage. See any problem? HELL YES!!! This is because if you are buying a property and the property is still under construction, the insurance of the property is the responsibility of the developer. You only need to insure the property only upon vacant possession (VP) from the developer. DUH?!!!

And they still sent me a letter informing me that they will debit the amount into my loan account. So I went over to their office this afternoon and asked the same girl again. Shown her the letter and explain the above. I think they know about this and I am not the first to had raised this issue. She told me that they will credit the amount out from my loan account ONCE THEY HAD DEBIT IT. I was like, HUH? WTH?? Didn't you heard me on the first time?? Why are you still debiting the amount into my account even though you're gonna credit it out later??? It's procedure. Cause they can't credit it out if there is nothing debited. I was dumbfounded. What kind of reason is that?? I now know why the officers are so busy now and why there so many paper works over there, cause they are doing double work. Cause we're all living in THE Boleh-Land~!

Personal Note: BS: 610kcal; BC: 730kcal. (Yes, I skipped BP class tonight, Yeah!!)

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