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Tuesday, August 4

How's My Baby Doing?

So it's been 4 days that I had been using my new baby. So what do I think till date. Well, for one the camera's auto focus function is totally cool. And so is the voice over command feature. I can practically say, "Call Baby" and straight away the phone will dial my babe's number. Well maybe this is a feature that some of the phones already has nowadays? But can you say, "Dial 012-3456789?? or "Play Daniel Powter's Bad Day"??? The coolest part is that you can even ask the phone to play some similar gene type of the song that you are listening. This is totally so cool. Compass? Well I am not some Feng Sui master but it will come in handy if I am lost one day. LOL!

What I don't like bout the phone? Well not to say dislike but rather disappointed on the battery life of the phone. A fully charge battery (8 hours) can only last me through the day (with the phone calling for charging during supper). I did calls, sms, WiFi and surfing of net most of the day. But I expect the phone can give me longer battery life than this. Had fully read through the manual and tweak a bit of the setting to minimized the usage of battery (i.e Auto Brightness, Disable 3G, Disable Auto-Roam, Disable WiFi and etc.) but this can only last for the day. Maybe something wrong with my battery? As I suspect something was wrong even during my pick up of the phone last Friday. Anyone had this problem? Do let me know. Sharing is caring right?

Mental Note: BS: 620kcal; BC: 770kcal

2 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

dun think too much lah, the bateri is like that. the more you use it, the more it gone. thats why you need a lot of charges, like in-car charges, sos charges, home charges......lolz

if not, how can Apple earn money from you. and hor, please go buy a cover, if you your iphone going to scratch soon

Baby octopus said...

Ya I think u r right. Need to get extra charger. Haha. Still cannot find a cover I like let. Hehe.

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