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Monday, August 3

RPM Madness!

It was getting harder and harder to get a spot in Riyo's Body Step class nowadays. And the members tends to place their board so close to other members. Annoyed? Well if others do not mind, why do I complain. Was really working extra hard tonight as I am not able to join gym for 3 days. Luckily I was able to get a bike for RPM class. Tonight's track was really tough especially Track 5 (Scream) and Track 7 (Love Comes Again). I can feel that my legs are gonna get cramped any minute during from Track 6. Was really scared that I still got one more class to do. At the end I managed to finished the class in one piece. Continued with Body Combat with the return of Malaysian Idol and a new member and I do mean New with the capital N.

I found out that I don't really work out that much during warm up and Track 2. Real work out only starts at Track 3 but still I am holding a bit back tonight. Master C selected a lot of lower body work out tracks for tonight. This is real good as I think we can work out more this way. At the end of the class I reviewed back my work out and found out that I can burned more during Body Combat as my BPM is always maintained above 80% for the whole class. While RPM spent less time on this region. Body Step class is an evenly divided between 60% - 80% for most of the class. Although my BPM achieved 90% and above the longest but still I didn't burned as much as the other class as it was just a 45 minutes class, or so I think.

Personal Note: BS: 580kcal; 690kcal; BC:760kcal.

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