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Saturday, August 8

I Need My WORK OUT!!!

My trip down South started very early in the morning on Wednesday. Reached Senai around 9.30am. But before I reached, I'd realized that I forgot something very important. I had specifically checked each and everything that I needed before I left and still I forgot one of the most important thing. My working clothes. OMG! I just brought one and that is the only one that I am wearing. This is the second time this had happened. Sign of old age maybe. So what to do? Bought 2 pair of shirt and wear for on Thursday and today. This trip was particular hectic as I need to meet with a lot of customers. Ate a lot during this trip and is very guilty of that. Since I am not doing my usual Wednesday & Thursday classes, I felt that I need to do extra hard tonight.

Managed to settled all my appointments after lunch and drove back hopefully to catch Joe's RPM class. Well as always, my driving didn't disappoint me. Requested California Dreaming and Children for Track 4 & 6. Yes, it's very tough but I need the extra work out. Surprisingly I am very pumped up tonight and didn't felt much tired tonight. Continued with the Body Step class with extra resistance all the way. Initially I was gonna skipped K-Bear's Body Pump class cause my tummy is not that well. But decided to do it and started off with the Squats tracks (Voodoo Child). Babe, did you plan for that track or you purposely do that when you saw me coming in? Tonight's was tough with Let Me Entertain You for Biceps. But it's really good as I can really sweat it out. Decided to do Body Combat as babe was here tonight. Jayson was replacing for Karen again. Again, his voice was a bit soft and hence the music is not that loud and consequently the class lack motivation. But I gave my all since it's the last class and this is to compensate back my Wednesday & Thursday work out.

Personal Note: RPM: 833kcal; BS: 700kcal; BP: 500kcal; BC: 790kcal.
Total Calories Burned for the week: 6,243kcal

2 Octopus:

Swee said...

It was Monday play-list :))

Even larling said pretty tough, right? larling... :P

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Oh purlezzz la, don't so manja in my blog laaarr!!!

It was tough but it was a good playlist. Even the Lunges.

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