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Sunday, August 2


Just got a wake up call yesterday afternoon from my landlord. She told me that she found someone who wanna buy the house that I am renting now. WTH??!!! And she had given me and my housemates 2 months time to move OUT! OMG!!! What am I gonna do? Well, I need find a new place to move of course. But this has come of a sudden news for me as I had lived in this house for close to 7 years now. It's nothing fancy or luxurious but it's some place I am comfortable to call My HOME. My future home will only be ready next year September and I thought that when I move, it would be to my new house. But now, my plan is all ruined. Fark!! Another question what am I gonna do with my pet Coco? Head ache!!!! I can't bring him along onto my new house and babe can't take him home as Bobo hates cat. So what will happen to my poor cat? Oh please give me some idea or solution.

2 Octopus:

Wonderland said...

where is the new place that you are going to rent for another year? see whether ppl allow you to keep that Coco or not lo~~

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Most probably I will be staying with my brother family as they will be moving together with me next year. But sadly cannot bring Coco over. :(

But someone already offered to take care of him for the time being. So appreciate the offer babe :)

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