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Thursday, September 24

Did I Mess Up My Hair?

Do you have a pet? A dog in particular? If you do, do you bring them out? Do you drive them out if you're going out for lunch, meeting up with friends, supper or for any other activities other than to the vet or grooming? Why do I ask this question? Well my babe has a dog and a lot of my friends do too. The reason is, I was driving my car to gym yesterday when I saw a guy holding or in fact placing his Silky Terrier on his lap while he was driving with the window down. The dog was actually half way out the window and the driver was making a sharp U-turn right in front of Subang Parade's traffic light. So he was one hand holding his dog as the other trying to maneuver his car to make a U-turn. WTH?!!!

Does he know that is so farking dangerous? I mean not to him alone but to the other drivers on the road and not to mentioned his dog too. Another stupid thing is that, there was a girl sitting next to him and she didn't do anything. Maybe taking a smoke or something. Damn! I saw him struggling to make the U-turn as the dog kept moving (I assume). We all know that you have a dog and you drive a big fancy car but do you need to put yourself and others in danger just to show that???!!! Speechless!!!

2 Octopus:

Little Princess said...

Interesting!! Yes, idiot is an understatement.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

hopefully your KM didn't do that with her babes~ kekekeke!

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