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Sunday, September 27

I Miss My Old Life !!!

So many things happened last weekend. It was really a rush for me to move all my stuff to my brother's house during the weekends and attending LP & QQ's birthday dinner in between. As I mentioned earlier, I had already moved around 80% of my stuff to my parents house last two weeks ago. But heck, I was WRONG!! I think it was just 50%. There were so many other stuff to pack and move over. There were so many small tiny items which need to be pack. Needless to say my hanger and desktop. God~ I totally forgot that I have so many shoes. Just realized it when I was clearing off my stuff. And bags, I got plenty of bags. But mostly I had already disposed off. 7 years living in the house had given me the time to accumulate mountains of stuff in the house which I didn't even remember having them in the first place.

Moving them out is another issue. To move or not to move? Head ache. But the biggest issue was sending my pet, Coco over to a friend's house. My housemates were so attached to him. But sadly they can't take care of him at their new house or else I would gladly let them adopt Coco. So after driving up and down Puchong with rain pouring down on me while moving my stuff, I had finally managed to moved almost all my stuff and settling Coco to his temporary new place. Was really sad seeing him in his cage and all. But that is for the time being. Really wish that my house would be ready as soon as possible so he can move back in with us. Sigh~ Another year to go and my house would be ready to move in.

I miss Coco, I miss my bed, I miss my (rented) house, I miss waking up at 8.15 EVERY MORNING to work and not having to spend 1 hour in some stupid JAM!!! I MISS MY LIFE!!!!

2 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

Where is Coco ????

Anonymous said...

A friend is taking care of him for me for the time being.


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