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Monday, September 28

Stupid Jam!!!

I woke up so darn early today (Monday) as everyone was telling me that the traffic would be hell as it's the first day of work after Raya. And since I had just moved to Kinrara, I am not sure how bad the traffic would be. Leave home around 8.15am en-route Jalan Puchong. Surprisingly there wasn't any jam at all. Wow! The day seemed a lot brighter out of a sudden. Then it was decision time. Either I continued down to PJ using Jalan Templer or heading towards Midvalley. Decided to go with the latter and heck, it was one hell of a decision I made. The jam started straight away from the point I had turn. My day seemed so dark again. WTF!! How can it be so farking jam??? This was supposed to be the smoother route as I heard. It took me 35minutes to get clear of the whole stretch to reach Federal Highway. Go up Kerinci ramp and reached office in less than 10 minutes. My gosh~ I took me close to an hour to reach work. And I have to endure this every single day!! Well I heard my friend got stuck in the jam for two hours. So I need to be grateful is it?

Sorry for the late post as I didn't have Internet access at home for the time being. Well the house has wireless but I don't have a wireless connection for my desktop. Gonna get one tomorrow maybe. Heard from my friend that Coco isn't taking his food and a bit agitated. Still can't release him out of the cage for the time being. Need to take him out during the weekends and bring him around the area to get him familiarize before letting him loose. Can't really sleep well thinking of him after my friend told me his (Coco) condition. Thanks again to my dear friend who help me to take care of him.

Personal Note: SS: 221kcal; BS: 676kcal; RPM: 794kcal; BC: 729kcal

2 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

wei, i got a wireless usb connector, you want or not ? can just borrow u....: )

BaBy OcTopUs said...

TQ but maybe I will get one for myself since it's not that expensive. And I am still deciding to go cable or wireless cause wireless signal not that consistent. As I am downloading movies most of the time. Thanks for the offer. :)

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