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Tuesday, September 29

I Survived Body Pump 71

So how was it? Well let's go through the tracks shall we. But before that, need I remind you that I had just finished Brian's BS class and totally forgot that it was a launch tonight. Class was really packed tonight. So here goes with the run down. We started with the warm up by James Sampson's Magnetized which I think wasn't that strong compared to the few previous release. The squats part of the warm up was so darn short. I am not sure how long was the track, but it was short. Continued with the highly anticipated Squats track by Mega Mania. I was very familiar with the changes of the song (Summer of 69) as it was featured in Body Combat 37 before. The focus are the singles and also bottom halves. Lots of them. 2 repetition of 4 bottom halves continued with 8 bottom halves to finish one combo. And you have at least 4 of them to go through. Well it isn't as tough as I imagine. Since there are some short interval for you to reset yourself before the singles each time.

Chest track was one of my favourite as it features Flo Rida's Right Round. The chorey was perfectly blended into the music. The combo are quite straight forward as I remembered. 4 top halves, 4 singles and 8 bottom halves. I think we have 4 sets of them with a break after the third. Definitely a killer track for the chest for me. Continued with the back track with Liz Kay's When Love Becomes A Lie. It was a powerful track as it has 4 continuous clean & press. Continued with 4 singles (I think) and then 2 sets of 3 wide rows. We have at least 3 sets of this combo before we finish. Not that tough but a nice song selection as it really explodes.

Back to to board with the Triceps. We have lots of bar to chest with a combo of 2 bottom halves each for lots of time. Finish it off with standing overhead press. This is definitely an easy track for me. Period. And when you thought it was time for you to take a break, WRONG!!. Biceps has got to be the hardest track in release 71. Totally love the track by Linkin Park, What I've Done. Let just say that we have tons of singles and also bottom halves. We have for sets of those combos with a break after the third set. Totally crazy. We have a new move for the Lunges this time around. Pumpers can opt to do on the board or without it. We have some single lunges on the board for each side of the legs. The new moves is the lift knee that we normally do in BS. Now it's in BP. This proves that all programs shares some bit of the moves with each other.

Shoulder track was a fast one. What do you expect from a Public Domain music. We started with push ups then plates to push up again and bar all the way. I think there is another push up in between there but I am not sure. It's not that tough for me and the track was a bit short but it packs a omphh in it. So what's new for the abs? We have this new moves which requires us to lie on the board with both our hands on the board over our head. Then we will move our knees up by using our core muscles. Then we shift over to abs press with optional plates to the forehead. Nothing fancy but effective work for the core muscles. Cool down was Sober by Pink and it's all we need after a long tiring work out. Hopefully you all enjoy the new release as I am.

Personal Note: BS: 516kcal; BP: 630kcal; BC: 718kcal

2 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

I like BP 71

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Well, OK la. I think it should be better than BC 41. :P

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