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Monday, December 7

Astro Boy The Movie

 Those who are from the same generation as I am should have heard of Astro Boy. It's an Japanese comic series created by Osamu Tezuka. Finally it was made into a big movie by the American and I managed to watched it during this weekend. Wasn't expecting much of the movie but just to pass my evening at home and it was really entertaining. Some of the big names who lend their voice for the movie are Nicholas Cage, Charlize Theron, Samuel L. Jackson and Donal Sutherland to name a few.

For those who didn't have any clue what the movie was about read on. The movie tells of a boy genius name Toby (Freddie Highmore) who later turn into a robot called Astro Boy. *spoiler* He was killed during a freak accident in one of his father, Dr. Tenma (Nicholas Cage) experiment. Dr. Tenma was devastated and decided to 'create' his son back into a robot and transferring all Toby's memories into the robot. Toby didn't realized anything but Dr. Tenma couldn't stand looking at the new Toby and knowing that his son died and decided to shut Toby down. President Stone (Donald Sutherland) spotted Toby and wanted the blue stone which powered him. After some cat & mouse chase, Toby got stranded into the real world and befriend with some other kids and some really funny robots. To cut the story short, Toby return and saves the town from a crazed President Stone who is power freak who turned into a robot called Peace Keeper.

My brother who was watching with me almost cried at the beginning when Toby died as it was really sad and I think I understand his feeling as a parent. When Dr. Tenma decided to shut off Toby at the end of the movie, it was really sad to me too. As Toby know that he wasn't the son that Dr. Tenma wanted but still treat him as the one and only father he had. Other then the father and son relationship which we can see from the movie we can also enjoy the adventure Toby had from all the flying and fighting with other robots in the movie. Nothing fancy but it's a good movie to watch on a weekend night with some friends or families. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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