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Tuesday, December 8

Plastic or Paper? Both?

I was out buying my grocery in one of the local hypermarket and was queuing up at the counter to pay. I saw a lady who bought a lot of those instant coffee, like 15 of them. Then I saw her taking out a paper bag from his bag. I was thinking, damn~! I need to bring my own paper bag or those recyclable bags from all the exhibition I'd been to and use it during my shopping. I think we need to play our part of not creating so much garbage so that we can still leave something behind for our grandchild and not just a big piece of junk to clean up. So anyway, back to the lady. I was really surprised when I saw her packing her groceries into a plastic bag AND then putting it INSIDE the paper bag that she brought over. HUH? WTH??!! She did that for all the stuff which she bought and to make it worst, she even took extra and stuffed it down the bag like no one could notice it. So I took my praise back on her and I conclude that Malaysian will always be Malaysian!

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