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Sunday, December 6

Long Weekend Pt. 2

The day started with only 4 hours of sleep for me. Had early breakfast with my friend as usual before our trip down KLCC. This had been our tradition since 5 years back. It's nice meeting up with my college-mate once in a while. Was supposed to get myself something for my iPhone but didn't saw anything interesting or attractive actually. But at before I left I did managed to subscribed a year of magazine and got a set of speaker for FREE, what a bargain. Got back and rest for a while before heading to my friend's house for pre-wedding dinner. Gotta rest early again as I need to be at my friend's house very early in the morning.

Rest for a few hours and woke up with some mild running nose from last night. The fetching of the bride went quite smooth and I could say that the ladies was quite lenient with us guys. Nothing crazy stuff or something we would regret doing I might say. Managed to settled everything before noon and have a rest before lunch with babe and we had a long shopping. Return home early to settle all my washing and ironing of clothes which had been lying there for weeks. Finally I got a good rest before the start of another week. Nice~!

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