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Sunday, December 20

Pre-Christmas Dinner

It was my pleasure to organized this year's pre-X'mas dinner with my gym mates. Cracked my head looking for a venue suitable for all of us. Not too fancy and not too plain to say the lease. Well actually I had one in mind. It was between buffet luncheon at Shangrila's Lemon Garden or Louisiana. At the end, we all agreed on the latter. The usual suspects were back this year around and most of us managed to make it for the dinner. Food was a bit slow as there were a lot of customers that night. Specifically arranged the seats near to the lake and luckily it rain that afternoon hence it wasn't that hot that night. We had appetizers, starters, mains and of course the cake for Lea & Yew Tong's birthday. Food was great and the ambiance was good. The other customers were looking at us as we were a bit loud and crazy as usual. With flash and camera flashing away like paparazzi the whole night. Hope that we will carry on with this ritual for years to come.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year ~~

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