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Monday, December 28


One setback or rather missing in my iPhone would be the feature of multitasking or opening few apps at the same time. Imagine you found a website and need to copy part of the info into your note and at the same time reading your RSS feed and playing a game. Now imagine switching back and forth, damn fussy. It's very common for me as I opened and closes a lot of apps back and forth. Although it's quite fast but still there is the loading time in between apps. So here come the multitasking apps from Cydia which solved the problem. It's called ProSwitcher and it's still under Beta version. But trust me, it's so damn good and stable. Now I can switch back and forth between apps without having to load it again and again. Although it takes up a bit of memory but for 3GS users, this is not a problem. I am not sure why Apple didn't consider of adding this feature to the iPhone but that's what Cydia for. And Yes, you need to JB your iPhone to download the apps. Enjoy~

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Aleximon said...

where to download ? cydia ? which repo ???

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