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Saturday, December 5

Long Weekend Pt. 1

Sorry for the long disappearance act this few days. As I am off to Labuan last Thursday morning and was only back the day after. How's the trip? Well the usual stuff of eating and drinking with the customers most of the time. The flight over was right on time but the one back was delayed for almost 20 minutes but that is not the worst part. The flight back was one of the worst I had as it was really bumpy and rough. I think there were a lot of clouds when we entered Peninsular so the plane was going up and down and it caused one hell of a migraine which almost lead to vomiting. Decided to hit the gym right after picking up babe and it was some really good work out I had since I had so much food to eat during the trip.

Was told last minutes by babe that we're meeting up with her friends for some rendezvous up Pandan Hill or more familiar with the name Little Genting at Pandan Indah. I think the last time I was there was like 10 years ago. The place really did changed a lot. For one, there were so much stuff to eat up there. We celebrated two friends birthday at a place called Look Out Point which was really cool but the food was so so. Sorry, no post on that this time but maybe next round over. As it was a bit chaotic. Got home around 2am plus and quickly went to bed as I have another early appointment with my friend to PC Fair.

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