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Monday, January 11

Ah Lian & Mahjoong Joke

I know it's already pass lunch time and it's only few more hours for you all to off work. But I can't wait but to share with you a joke which I had just remembered I stumbled upon few years back. I won't copy 'bulat-bulat' but will write it with my own words (if I remembered it correctly). This is a story about an Ah Lian who like to play mahjong a lot. You can say that she is an addict. So his husband Ah Beng really beh tahan with Ah Lian's addiction and will always wait up for her as she will always come home at 2 - 3am in the morning after her mahjong rendezvous. Ah Beng will wait for her and asked her how much she had loss and she would always give Ah Beng the heart attack when she mentioned the figure.

So one night, don't know what happened, but lady luck seemed to be on Ah Lian's side. Ah Lian won't a bundle of money and was really happy as she wanted to surprised Ah Beng with her winning. But that is not just what Ah Lian had in mind. Ah Lian thought of sneaking into the house and taking off her clothes while tip toeing into the masterbed room and gave Ah Beng an out of this world blow job. So Ah Lian took off all her bra & panties down to the last thread, and slowly walk into her room when suddenly Ah Beng switch ON the light. At this moment, I think most of you could have guess what would happen.


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