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Sunday, January 10

Ju-on: White Ghost & Black Ghost

I am actually deciding whether to blog about this movie I watched yesterday or not. The reason was because it's really nothing much but some remake or the original with addition of some other cheap frights along the movie. I can't say I was horrified even a bit but was really an amusing movie to watch. Amusing, yes, you heard me right. So read on. The movie was released end of last year around mid of last year and it's even out in DVD. I am not sure why it's only being shown here right now. It's a 10 years anniversary of the original Ju-On and from the quality of the shown it seemed like it was made for TV rather than the big screen for me. You can check out their website here if you wanted to know more. *spoiler read on*

The title of the movie is called Ju On:White Ghost / Black Ghost. This is because there are two stories in the movie which actually have a common similarity, the house it all started. The first story is called white ghost or Old Lady in White. Whole family brutally murdered with the daughter being decapitated. The murderer who is the uncle hanged himself at the end. Anyone who came close of the house or knew the people died one by one as usual. It's so damn funny when the little girls head coming out from the bag or the old grandmother running (yes, not floating or crawling) around holding a basketball scaring the day light out of her victims. As usual, the director tells the story from each victims point of side and combined it all together.

Second chapter of the movie is called, Black Ghost as it focused on the dead unborn twin of a girl who came back to haunt his mother. Finally we heard the unique squeaking sound which is ever so famous in the franchise. But there are no crawling down stairs or osteoporosis ghost walking around in the movie. The white face kid did make some cameo in the movie without actually playing any role or making any effect in the movie. The father is dead, the nurse whose taking care of the daughter and even the nurse's neighbor (this is a bit too far fetch). I mean the way he was killed? Banging his head to the wall? Not so ghostly like for me. I mean you can chop of his head or split it or even blow it up but banging it to the wall? Finally the show ended with both the daughter and mother jumping off the roof.

These two incident which happened in the same house actually are just two of the many which happened. If you remembered the first original Ju On, you would know. So is it worth watching? You can watch it in DVD but I am not sure if you wanna waste RM11 to watch it in the big screen. There are nothing new unless you called having an old grandmother wearing thick make up running around scaring people while holding a basketball, SCARY!! I was surprised that I didn't fall asleep during the movie (as it's 2am), well maybe cause I can't stop laughing like the other people in the cinema. But my friend did had some scream for herself during the movie. So she might actually worth her money watching the movie after all. (Rating: 3.3 out of 5.0)

3 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

i watch it at home....even i off the sound...still feel scary......hehe...

cake said...

nasib baik takda pergi tengok~

BaBy OcTopUs said...

me and QQ was laughing all the way. lolx~!!! some ppl in the cinema like us also kept on laughing .. hahaha!

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