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Friday, January 8

Google's Nexus One Vs. Apple's iPhone 3GS

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Finally Google had unveiled their first smart phone or rather 'super' phone as they called it, Nexus One. As always, in any case, Google claimed that their device is more superior than the current smart phone hence the name Super Phone. I am not sure what they are going to name next? Super Duper Phone? Anyhow, let's see what does the phone has to offer. The units bares a 3.7" WVGA AMOLED touchscreen with a 5MP (2x Digital Zoom) and auto focus at the back. The video is running on 720x480 at 20 FPS and above. The machine runs on 512MB RAM with a storage of 4GB Micro SD Card (expandable to 32GB). It's powered by Snapdragon's 1GHz core processor with bundle in features.

Now let's see what are the key features that the phone has to offer. They have this built-in noise cancellation feature which I think is the only one in the market (I think). For smart phone users, we push a lot of apps in our phones. How do we differentiate them without opening the phone. Nexus offers a LED powered trackball which shows you what type of notification that you receive. Another cool feature (which I am not if we need it) is  the dynamic wallpapers feature which changes according to the user's activities. But the best would be the voice integration feature. To make it simple, you can practically tell/instruct the phone what to do. Every text field and applications are able to be control by just simply talking to it. It would be cool to not have to type your sms rather than just speak it out. But I am not sure how accurate it is though.

You can purchase the phone from Google's website if I get my information accurately. US consumers can opt to buy the phone only or with subsidized by T-Mobile which means you have to sign a contract with them. Well at least you have a choice there. Google announced that countries like UK, Singapore and Hong Kong will be able to purchase their phone. Google hinted that this is just the beginning or a lot more super phones coming from them and a signal to Apple to look out for them. According to the analysis done above, the price of Apple's iPhone is 50% more than Nexus and this might become a disadvantage to the prior. I had initially said that Apple's iPhone 4G would most probably be launch this year and well, we just need to see how that is going to impact Nexus One and the smart phone market. One thing for sure, there is a lot more to choose from for us consumers. But like I always said, iPhone can only be kill by a newer version of an iPhone.

2 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

someone might going to 32GB soon....hehe...

BaBy OcTopUs said...

if the 'someone' cannot wait then go lo. told that someone already should go for it don't need to wait for 4G la!

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