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Saturday, January 9

I Survived Body Step 78 & Body Pump 72

Woke up this morning and saw a couple of message from my MSN. A Particular one catch my attention. You know who you are. So here goes. Lately it's been really rush for me during the weekends so I don't really have time to post up my blog. So please pardon the delay in posting my posts. So what's up this weekend. OK, let's review the launch I did on Body Step 78 & Body Pump 72, I did last Friday night. Started RPM as an appetizer before going into the main course. So the first course of the night would be the launch of the new Body Step 78 by Prudent and June. She started the warm up and I can say that it's a good release. But I think I like the previous track more. But it's just the first class, so I might like it more after a few classes. There were hiccups during the whole release but heck, I really enjoyed the class as BQ & CP joined the class with me.

Next on the menu would be Body Pump 72 launch by K-Bear and June. Was actually texting with her even before BS class and I knew she was gonna be running late. Surprisingly, someone else was asked to do the warm up with June. Anyway, the warm up was a bit confusing and I can't blame her as she wasn't supposed to do the warm up. K-Bear arrived during squats. And for the record babe, those weight and board that she carried was supposed to be yours. I am not sure why she came in and took the whole set. Anyhow, the squats doesn't seemed that long to me as I was enjoying Kelly Clarkson's I Do Not Hook Up. Chest track was alright. I remembered there were 4 sets of similar combos with lots of bottom halves. Back track by Cascada's Perfect Day actually isn't as strong as her previous ones but the wide rolls are really pain to the shoulders and back. Was looking forward for the Triceps track as Flo-Rida is back again with Sugar this time. Actually it wasn't that tough, as the pain only kick in during the dips at the end. Biceps was actually isn't as tough as I though as there are some back rolls in between each combos for you to reset.

Lunges should be my highlight of the night. I am not sure if it was because I did RPM and BS class beforehand but I really felt the pain during the last lunge. Started off with some squats and trust me, you need to carry some moderate weight if you wanna work this one out right. The song Gone by Lasgo was really motivating and worth mentioning here. Trust me, you need some motivating track to get you through the pain. Shoulder track is something familiar to me as it's been done in Body Combat 37 but this time it's by Xeroxx. Started off with some push ups if I remembered correctly. Continued with side plates and ending with bars. Not that tough so you can go crazy a bit with your weights during the over head bar. The abs track are quite similar to the previous release with the reverse crunches on the board and finishing up with plank on the board. Cooling down all the pain with Badland's rendition of Carelese Whispers. So how's the release? I think I will love it and don't mind doing it for 3 weeks. Hopefully you all enjoyed the release as much as I did.

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