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Friday, January 22

Sudah Potong?

I was checking my bills from the banks last weekend and realized that I have some cards which I don't use that much. Since the Government had decided to impose a RM50 tax on all our cards (RM25 on supplementary), I had decided to cancel off some of them. So I grab all my bills and copied down all the numbers and wanted to give the bank a ring this week to cancel off. I had a few method of canceling my cards in the past. First the fast way would be cutting the card and sending it back to them. Second, I faxed a simple letter stating that I wanted to cancel off my card and they will call me back to offer me a waiver. But the one that I saw recently was so damn funny which I need to share with you all. You can call and ask for their Cancellation Form. But as usual you need to fill in the details and states the REASON of your cancellation. So what's so funny? Please see the below picture and tell me if it's not funny~! Well I was laughing my ass of when I read it. If you can't read from the picture, please let me spill it out for you.

Reason of cancellation: ASK NAJIB WHY (RM50 CHARGE)!!!

2 Octopus:

LP said...

LOL... very funny yet absolutely true! Love the way the fella wrote.

In fact, u dun have to call and ask for a cancellation form. The simplest way is, u can always tell the CS person straight that u are calling for a card cancellation la.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Ya I know, I was just making the story up to intro to the main story. haha!

good to hear that it made at least one person laugh~ haha!

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