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Wednesday, February 24

First Class After 2 Weeks

It was my first class after two weeks of rest and the holidays. So I decided to start off the first class with medium resistance for Body Step. OK, it wasn't as tiring as I thought it would be. Maybe the track selection were a bit slow for some track. Anyway, I continued with Sue's Body Pump class afterward. It was half way through the Squats track when I realized that I hurt my back a month ago. Felt my back a bit tired and decided not to go that low, and we're only doing Stomp that night. She was really in the mood 'to kill us all' that is, when we know that her selection for the Chest track was Push It. OMG~!! I was half dead even before the push up at the end. Back track was really a killer as I can see both my legs shaking like crazy during the 7 wide rolls. Triceps was still alright but Biceps wasn't that tough but I was really struggling towards the end with Evanescence's Weight Of The World. It's really felt like the weight of the world are on my biceps that time. We did I Go Crazy for the Lunges which is very motivating and dramatic. Totally love it. We did The Power of Bhangra for the shoulder tracks which I was struggling again towards the end. Damn it was a tiring crazy class for me. 

But that's not the end of it as I joined my third class which is Body Combat. Most of the members were there so was really excited as I didn't do BC for so long. Warm up was a good choice as I wanted to do Because The Night for so long. Since I didn't Master T last Thursday, Sunday and Monday class, so it's no deja vu for me. lolx~!! Anyhow, I was so tired when we did some of the track as we need to shuffle and all. But I was hyped during the muay tai track as we did Let The Beat Control Your Body. It was really Miracle that I finished the last track in one piece that night. But didn't go all the way for the conditioning as my shoulders are still sore from the long holidays. Maybe next week we give it a try again. Hopefully my stamina will build up again soon but then again, I am cutting down on my classes, so no problem la.

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