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Sunday, February 28

Thanks For The Dinners

So what had I been doing this pass week. Sorry for the lack of updates these days as I am still catching up with my work, gym and also the remaining lou sang dinners before the end of CNY today. Lets see what I had this week. Dinner started from Monday night with babe's schoolmates reunion cum CNY dinner at Bukit Tinggi after gym. When I say Bukit Tinggi, I mean Genting and not Klang. We had a long journey over but the food was fantastic as the restaurant was owned by their schoolmate. Second dinner of the week would be Thursday night after gym too. It was babe's friends birthday cum CNY dinner at Telok Gong. Dinner was really rush again as it was last call since we arrived around 10.30pm. It was a memorable night as all of us spotted some UFO that night. Trust me, I am very skeptical at first but I can't think of anything else other than UFO since it's movement are very repetitive and impossible to be executed by any air craft known to men.

Finally it was my dinner cum karaoke session with the BKLTL group on Friday night. Would like to say thanks again to BQ for organizing it and sponsoring part of the bill. It was a stormy night but everyone arrived that night and even KNSQ who coincidentally came back for the CNY from Australia. Last dinner of the week would be the CNY cum birthday dinner for Jacq and myself which is an annual thingy already for all of us. Again would like to expressed my gratitude to Wanie for arranging and also preparing the goodies bag for all of us. It was really unexpected as it was supposed to be a 12 pax dinner which turned out to become a 15 pax plus a baby dinner at the end. We had to squeezed a bit that night but I guess we all did had a big laugh out of it and not forgetting to all of those married couples who gave me 'Ang Pow', THANK YOU Yer All~ Yer The Best~!!!!

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Aleximon said...

UFO ? time to check ur eye.....hehe

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