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Monday, March 1

iPhone 3GS Goes DIGI

Finally the iPhone is coming to Digi or any other telco other than Maxis. It's been close to a year since Maxis got their exclusive sole distributor of the phone. I got my phone on the first day it landed on shore which is 31 June last year. So I guess their contract for one year exclusivity would end around that time period. I am not saying that their (Maxis) service is bad or anything, Oh wait a minute, I am saying their service SUX big time. I think a lot of my friends and readers do agreed with me on this. The constant lost of signal and cutting off half way during a conversation or receiving a miss call even though my phone didn't even rang. I think the last problem is the most common for me. I would just sit on my table and my phone next to me and out of a sudden I received a SMS informing me that there's a miss call just a moment ago. WTF??!!! 

Anyway, Digi had finally secured to be the next telco for the iPhone and I am not sure if I am able to change to other telco with my existing contract with Maxis? Their FAQ page didn't really help that much as they wasn't able to disclose much of the details and everything will need to wait until they publish the actual launch date and even that is unknown. But they did said it was on the first half of the year. You can register your email not and let them update you with any news on the iPhone. You can do that here. This is similar with Maxis when they launched the iPhone 3GS last year. Another question I had in my head would be the new iPhone 4G which is rumored to be out on the second half of the year. What would the people who bought the 3GS from Digi think when Apple launch the 4G few months after that? Anyway, nothing is concrete now, it's all just rumors and speculation. So we will just need to wait and see how the year will go. Cheers~!!

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