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Thursday, March 18

Am I Distracting?

Am I distracting? Oh, my. Is this good or bad? haha! Was doing my usual class when one of the instructor kept messing up some of the chorey and she jokingly said I was distracting her, so she can't concentrate. She said it only happens when I am doing her class. Both of us laugh bout it. No I am not misleading her into doing the wrong chorey at all. Duh~! Anyhow, it was a praised that she asked me to try out for instructor-ship that day. This is not the first time but I always smile and say NO. My standard reply or reason would always be, I don't wanna feel committed in coming to gym to teach and forcing myself to smile even though I have a bad day. As a member I have no pressure and can just do whatever I like. That is why I salute to the instructors as they are so good in what they do. I can fool around with my gym-mates and it's really nice doing something I love everyday but heck, teaching it is another story.

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