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Friday, March 19


The most precious resources in the year 2019, is US. That is the tagline of the movie. Why? Well the story goes, in the year 2019, human are 'harvest' for their blood as Vampires took over the world. Yes, it's a scary and a bit insane theory but just follow me for now. So the world would be empty in the morning and when the sun sets down, all the people (Vampires) will come out to work and do their normal routine just like now. Just imagine that morning is night and vice versa. It all started when some catastrophic event happened during the past where human are all transformed into Vampires. Vampires consists of 95% population in the world and the 5% human are hunted down to cater for their survival. 

The story tells how a hematologist, Dr. Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawk) is creating a serum or artificial human blood as their blood bank is coming to a crucial point. What will happen when Vampires don't have enough blood to drink, well their insanity goes and they will slowly transform into a bat look-a-like monster who will just kills for blood. A small fraction of human lead by man who called himself Elvis (Willem Dafoe), was a vampire before but had transformed back to human after an incident. So they acquired Dr. Edward's help to find the cure. And they are racing against time as the Senator had ordered all human to be captured and the world is going wild as more and more vampires are transforming into monsters as the blood supplies are running low. 

It's not an extremely good movie but it's good enough for me to watch it during the weekend at home. The whole idea of the world being lived among vampires and us human being the minority and hunted down is a very disturbing idea. I don't think that would happen but heck, that is why movies are here for. Acting skills are normal nothing spectacular and the story lines are quite simple so no need to think too much. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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