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Tuesday, March 9

Are You Flying Somewhere?

One of my 'avid' reader had told me that my blog seemed very quiet lately. I said it's because my life lacks drama so I can't always have so much to write about. But I will still try to have at least 2 -3 posts a week just to make it nice and simple. So what is happening these days? Traveling. 

Everyone are traveling these days. Most of my gym mates had already booked or are planning for their trips for this year. I think for every month till the end of the year, there are someone from BKLTL group of members are flying around the globe. We have friends now in Taiwan for their honeymoon, another going over to Japan next month with her friends and mine to India for training and leisure. These are just some of the trips whereas there are some of us who are going to China, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Australia and New Zealand. In between all these, we (BKLTL) are in the midst of planning for our trip to Bali which I am not sure if any of us had anymore time or leave to spare. I think the main reason was that the tickets nowadays are quite cheap and affordable for everyone to fly. That is what they want you to think actually. 

The reason why I said so was because I am booking for my trip to Taiwan for end of the year and found out that AA is having this promo for RM512 (inclusive of tax) two ways. I was so excited but that is not the end. As there are so many cost which are not included into the price. After including the excess baggage check in, meals, insurance and miscellaneous charges, the price are almost the same as MAS, which is close to RM700. So at the end I had booked for MAS. I am not saying whose cheating who or whose bad or good but just take note that what you see is not always what you think you will get. Look at the time, it's almost time for lunch. Singing off now

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Aleximon said...

Bali ticket not cheap at all...: (

go cherating lah. !

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