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Sunday, March 7

My S.H.E Concert 2010

Finally the day is here, S.H.E is the One Live in Malaysia 2010 Concert. It was my second S.H.E Concert in Malaysia. The first would be 5 or 6 years ago on their maiden tour outside Taiwan. But this time around I was bringing along my babe and my gym buddies. We arrived early and walked around checking out the tents and all before entering. Almost got my camera confiscated by the guard but we got through at the end.

The seating wasn't as we expected but the stage was really close to the seats so it wasn't all bad. But if we could be one floor down, it would really be close and I could take better pictures too. The crowded started to come in as early as 7pm and I can say that it's 99% full when the show starts. The crowds as always goes wild whenever they saw a big MPV pulling up next to the stage.

Suki and Kay (our local talents) started the show as the show starter. But the crowds really go wild when the three girls or women (now) walked up to the stage. They opened the show with Superstar which really make the whole crowd goes wild. Some futuristic meets Alice in Woderland costume for most of the songs. The selections of songs are good and their vocal control was superb. They really did improved (not saying they are bad previously but really good too) in terms of dancing and showmanship too. There were a part where they sang some other singer's songs like Ella singing Jay Chou, Selina on Fish Leong and Hebe singing Faye Wong's song. Ella as always cracked a lot of jokes on stage with Hebe being more and more sexy on the side with her dress and Selina as pretty and ladylike as she always be. 

Finally, they wrapped up the last song with their first song that shoot them to stardom but I do not know how to write the title of the song in Chinese though. lolx~! So anyone, please be my guest. The show ended with a bang with a lot of glitters around 11.30pm. This is their third leg of a 6 countries tour with Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan being the last. Totally love every minute of the show. Sadly my camera's memory stick wasn't able to record the whole show. But still, I managed to record some of the memorable songs which I like. Not sure if I can post it up online since they forbid people to record it in the first place. 

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