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Wednesday, March 10

Sentosa World Resort Tour

First day of my trip to Singapore, I had visited Sentosa island. No, not for the theme park. Since I was staying nearby I thought why not paying the new Sentosa World Resort a visit. Since it's half Malaysian own. So I took a cab and paid around SGD6 from my hotel all the way to the entrance of the resort, cheap. 

This is one of the entrance the resort. I think this is where the members register and check into the resort. 

This is the main entrance to the casino. Didn't seemed much people and from the sound of it, sound like a lot of foreigners (from Malaysia & China). Do remember that you need to bring along your passport to verify that you're not local. Work permit will also do. Why? Cause Singaporean would need to pay SGD100 to enter the casino. Didn't really get it, why built it in the first place if you don't want people to go in. Duh?!

Yes, that is me 'carrying' the world on my back like Atlas did. LOLX!!! Seemed like this is one of the main attraction of the place (for the time being) as the globe is rotating (duh!). So we need to wait for the whole UNIVERSAL to appear before snapping the picture. But I don't think that is possible though. Cause it's too long. But you can try. Thanks to the girls who offered to take the pictures for me. hehe!

Me again in front of the entrance to Universal Studio. Why am I not inside? Cause they will only start operational from 18th this month. But you can buy the tickets now and come back later. They have peak and off-peak prices. One day pass is SGD72 and two days for SGD118, children for SGD55 and SGD88 while Senior Citizen (65 and above) are SGD 36 and 5SGD58 respectively. They also have annual Fun Pass and Superstar Pass whatever that means for SGD318 and SGD1098 respectively.

Other than that, they also have this Hershey's Chocolate World outlet. What do they sell? 
A whole range of Hersey's chocolate. They has a large store so you can browse through and buy what you fancy. 

This is Hersey's Kisses soft pillow. So cute, like a piece of SH*T. lolx!! 

Just hear from the news that the response for the tickets to Universal Studio was so overwhelming that their website services on purchasing the ticket had been flooded and now down. A lot of people are very eager to pay the resort a visit even though it's not fully operational but they are not mind as they are purchasing the annual pass and can come back again when it's done. Wow~ it shows how enthusiastic of them. Does Malaysia feels the same when Lego Land open on 2012? Makes me wonder.

1 Octopus:

md said...

nice resort. i should plan to go, hehe!! fyi, taiwan's food sucks!! just few of them are tasty nia. maybe i did not like the taste. i never miss the fried tempura during my 7 days stay, lolz!!

i've added another OT collection, kekeke..OT is cheap in taiwan. when are you going there? can buy me OT liao, hahaha..

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