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Tuesday, March 2

Correct Or Not??

The enemy of art is the absence of limitation. A friend of mine throw this sentence to me yesterday and asked me what it mean. I gave it a thought and finally concluded that it's actually contradicting or rather wrong. I mean how can you put a limitation to art as art can me limitless as far as the mind can go. I hope you do get what does the sentence or quote means in a glance. I googled it and found that it actually do exist. I mean the quote. It's by Orson Welles. If you think about it, it's a bit counter-intuitive. But finally I got what the Orson fella was really trying to say. 

Let me put this in an example. If you look at it from art point of view, if a painter have a set of colors and a fix size of canvas, he would try his best to draw or portray what he is trying to say. Imagine if he has a canvas few times larger and more color, there wouldn't be a limitation to brought out the best in him in drawing the picture. Still don't get it? OK, let's say in life, it would be better to have a limit of numbers of partners you had in life rather than having lots of them. Make sense? OK, I break it down to you in a more plain and simple way. Everyone FB nowadays, and you know everyone are now busy updating each other with their status updates. Here's the catch, the developer had limit each user with a certain numbers of letters which could be type in each update. So the user must use their creativity to try to convey the message that they are trying to express. Get it? OK la, maybe this is too much for a Tuesday morning post, but I hope it make you all think. Cheers~!

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