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Monday, March 22

It's 80% Completed Now~!

Some updates on my future home since it's been a while that I last posted any updates on it. It's now 80% completed as I had just received another progressive letter advising me that the roads are all completed and another withdrawal are in accordance. In other word, my next letter would be informing me of Vacant Possession or VP as they called it. They are now in the midst of applying/preparing for the CF/OC and by the looks of it, I would be receiving my keys not later than mid of the year. Gosh~ this is really fast, well at least earlier than expected or stated on the S&P paper which I signed last year April. Was more happy when I was read from our forum that our lot had appreciated to 460K for IR2 (my phase) even before we get our keys. But we are worried too that the price would deter future buyers as it's over price at the end of the day. Anyhow, fingers cross and time to save, save and save more money now.

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