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Saturday, March 27

TM's New HSBB - UniFi

If you are reading the news lately or been following updates on the broadband happenings, you would had heard about HSBB or High Speed Broad Band by TM. Finally it's been revealed by TM on Wednesday night of their new services called UniFi. The packages are divided into three category and is differentiated by it's speed (doh!) and monthly payment. So let's see what's their offer.

As you can see above, those are the standard services that comes together with the packages. You got a wireless phone, Hypp TV Channels, wireless router modem namely. But the difference here with the conventional Streamyx other than the speed is the download/upload speed. The download/upload speed for UniFi are the same whereas for Streamyx it's half of the other. Which means that if I am subscribing the 5Mbps, I am downloading and uploading at the same speed. The packages are divided into three they called VIP5, VIP10 and VIP20. VIP5 gives us 5Mbps, VIP10 is 10Mbps and VIP20 is 20Mbps. The price range are RM149, RM199 and RM249 monthly.

What is Hypp TV Channel you ask? Well it's IP-TV or Internet Protocol TV. Now you can watch TV online using broadband. What are your options? Well just check out the channels on top. Not a very wide selection as ASTRO but it's getting there I hope. There is a hot debate on the unbundled issue of the IP-TV but TM officials had stated that it's not an a la carte that we can choose as it's already bundled together.

There are also a lot of hot words flying in their Tweeter, when TM annouced that they are going to have a cap monthly (even daily) on the download. VIP5 is cap at 60GB, VIP10 at 90GB and 120GB for VIP20. But the cap had been suspended till further notice currently as TM received a lot of feedbacks from the users. Currently there are four areas in Klang Valley with 311,000 premises passed and has 500 trials users. The areas are mainly, Bangsar, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya and Shah Alam. You can check at their website, http://tm.com.my/ to check your location availability. Let see how it goes for this new broadband. RM149 per month is still acceptable for me as I am not subscribing ASTRO and will not be doing it too. So it's still acceptable for me. How bout you?

2 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

facebook already got a fan page " boycott TM unifi " lor...

BaBy OcTopUs said...

aiya~ actually it's OK la. but sure got ppl complain one la. haha~ !

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