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Tuesday, March 23

Circuitous - Another Multitasking Apps

As always, I will pop up once in a while to introduce some new apps for iPhone/iPod users which I think worth mentioning. But as you all know, most of the apps which I mentioned will need your gadget to be JB, as it is only available from Cydia. The apps which I am introducing today would be another multi-tasking apps called Circuitous. So why do we need another multitasking apps sincei we already have ProSwitcher or Multifl0w you ask. Well currently I am using ProSwitcher and to be frank, I am quite satisfied with the features and all. First, I would just wanna explain a bit to those new in these multitasking apps. If you'd been using your iPhone/iPod for a while, you would realized that the gadget lacks a multitasking feature which enable you to switch over among apps without having to close and opening it again. Check out the video below for the installation. 

So what's so special bout this new app? Dan Zimmerman, the app creator had called it 'Custom App Switcher'. By using Circuitous, we are able to stay active on the current page and still able to switch over to previous active apps. Whereas, for ProSwitcher, the current page would be deactivated as the background while you are scrolling through the previous apps page. Circuitous will display the previous apps on a vertical scroll bar on the right of your screen making it easy to access and manage. You can customized how you wanna activate Circuitous via iPhone Setting page. You can activate Circuitous by double tapping the Home button, or slow pressing on the Sleep or even snipping your fingers cross the screen (i.e maximizing a page). You can download Circuitous (v1.1) from Cydia and Rock for FREE. Enjoy~!

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