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Friday, March 12

Orchard Trip (So What's New?)

It was my second day on my business trip and I am running out of place to visit. Orchard again? Oh well, what the heck. Since it's just a few block away from my hotel, so what the heck. Had the taxi drop me down in front of Lucky Plaza and walked over to the new Ion Orchard. Like all visitors do, took out my camera and went snapping away and the first would be this tall count-down counter for Singapore 2010 Youth Olympics.

I was told that this is the newest shopping mall coming up from Orchard Road. But this is my third trip over already. Anyway, the design of the place is really unique and a sight. 

As always, big designer's name like GA and CK are being shown right in front of the shopping mall.

Another view of the main entrance. Trust me, there are a lot of people taking pictures right in front of the entrance. 

 This might not be new but still a good place if you're looking for some well known brand and good food. But then again, there are a lot of good food stall in all these malls.

This is also another favorite mall for me as the exterior design of the mall is so nice and out standing. Felt like going into some nigh club while going up the escalator. hehe~!

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