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Saturday, March 13

Singapore Computer Fair 2010

So what I did on my last day in Singapore? Well I'd just found out that there's an ICT show happening on the same day. It was in Suntec City so I had decided to go over and check it out. It's some sort like our own PC Fair in Malaysia. It was really a sight when I arrived. Since the mall is really large, so there were able to cope for the amount of crowd.

There were a lot of people similar to ours and there are over 3 floors of halls packed with people. But one distinct different which I noticed is that they do not have those ladies in skimpy dress like the one in PC Fair. 

I even spotted some aliens in the exhibitions. Maybe they are lost? : P 

This is one of the booth which I wanted to visit. It's the booth which display the arcade console such as PS3 and XBox 360. There are plenty of offers and promotions but after considering the warranty issue where I need to bring the console back to Singapore, deterred me from getting one. Sigh~!

Where there's console, there's games. Plenty of them if I may add. 

And here are more games which are all on sales. 

Even games from PS3 are on sales. Buy I don't have a console yet. Sigh~!!! Need to get myself one quick. 

For those audio freaks, here's a brand which you don't really see that much locally, Audio-Technica. There were so much stuff on promo and on sales. I was almost tempted to get myself another unit of iPhone dock which was on sales and not available in Malaysia but that is also the sad part as I need to send it back to Singapore for warranty. Another item would be a GPS navigator. They had Garmin and Papago on sales. But at the end of the visit, I'd just bought a cable for my iPhone and nothing else. Weird? Ya I know.

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