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Monday, March 15

Papago M6 Pro for iPhone

One missing apps which I always yearned for my iPhone compared to my previous phone would be the navigation feature. Don't get me wrong, iPhone has a built-in GPS and it's an advance too. Since Google Map uses data and it's not viable for me to used it while oversea as data roaming cost a lot. Other previous navigation apps like Sygic, NDrive, CoPilot and even TomTom lacked the functionality or outdated maps which deterred me from using them. But finally I found Papago M6 Pro for iPhone. It support both 3G and 3GS with the latter being running more smoother. 

Papago Junction View 
One of the key feature would be the junction view feature. It shows the view of the junction that you are about to turn into so that you won't get confused if there are more than one exit nearby. This is very useful if there are more than one exit next to each other.

Papago 3D Building
What is more obvious than a 3D building of the place that you are looking for. Even though you're not going to that building but at least you can treat it as a landmark when you're looking for the one you're going to. But I do get irritated when the building block the road behind of it. But I can always rotate the map so it's still alright. 

Papago Lane Assist
I had just tested this feature out last weekend as I was turning into a Kota Damansara. It would tell me which lane to use when I am nearby the intersection. This is also a good feature.

Since Garmin is not supported in iPhone so I decided to give Papago a try and it doesn't disappoint me a bit. And I do dare to say that I am more comfortable using Papago than Garmin now. It loads more faster (GPS positioning) and it won't hang on me. Even if browsing through the map it doesn't lag (maybe due to the iPhone 3GS feature) and the graphics are superb. If you don't like 3D you can always change it back to 2D images. You can search for nearby POIs and also Road searches similar to Garmin. But you can't change the boring triangle image though. But that is OK with me.

The price for the apps maybe a bit steep, USD19.99 for Malaysia & Singapore but it worth the money, and they give free updates on the software from time to time. You can download the maps too from an online forum which I am doing now. Or you can always buy the Taiwan edition for half the price and download the Malaysia maps into it manually but the language would be in Chinese though. What is the down side? Well it drains your battery really fast. So be prepare to have a car charger for your iPhone if you're using it for a long period of time. And do place it nearby the air cond as it will stop charging if the phone gets too hot  (to  protect the phone from over heating feature). Have fun~!

*pictures taken from MFM site*

3 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

help me to find thec windows mobile version ler........

BaBy OcTopUs said...

I know there are Papago version for Windows. But I didn't go n search la. hehe~!

Aleximon said...

i search everyday, cant find the cracked one...: (

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