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Friday, April 9

iPhone OS 4.0 Features Revealed (finally!!)

I think for those who is an avid iPhone craze (like me) would had heard that numerous features was revealed during the sneak preview of the new OS 4.0 recently. So let the drum rolls. Let's get into the one that I think we, iPhone users are particularly fond of.

The new OS 4.0 would feature digital zoom capability (5x maybe). Finally we can have some decent zooming power from our camera. As you can see from above, after you took a picture, you could zoom into it (digitally) and once you place your finger on the slider to adjust the zoom. MacRumors also reports that the coming OS 4.0 might even be integrated with flash capability. Cool~!!!

As you can see from above, there is this new feature which enable us to pair a bluetooth keyboard similar to iPad on iPhone itself. I am not sure how useful is this feature but maybe some people would appreciate this. 

Customizable home-screen feature which I think most of the people who didn't JB their phone would like to have. I mean, the all black home-screen is cool but you tend to get bored of it after a week or two.

The other feature which I think most of us are waiting for is the multi-tasking feature. I think I had blogged bout this feature twice but only available for JB iPhone. Now Apple had decided to have this feature on the new coming OS 4.0 iPhone. You can check out the video above for the new feature.Sadly to say that this feature only available to 3GS and 3rd Gen of iPod users. Steve Jobs had clarify that the reason why the previous version couldn't support the feature was because the hardware just couldn't support it. 

 For those users who wish to have a spell check option (similar to iPad), the new OS 4.0 would be having it too. I think this is a good feature to have as it's something like spell checker or T9. 

There are over 185,000 (and counting) apps to be downloaded and we have this limited 16 pages(if I remembered correctly) on our iPhone to install the apps into. In JB iPhone, we have this feature called Customized or Folder options. It means we can create folders and customize what apps to go into what folder. In other word, more apps and less hassle. This feature is coming soon in the new OS 4.0. Check out the video above on how it works. iPhone in the future can install up to 2160 apps compared to180 currently.

There is also some news of a multi-core processor in the new and future iPhone. McRumors reports:
Apple has also integrated Grand Central Dispatch into the iPhone OS -- a technology introduced with Snow Leopard to ease the use of multi-core processors. The current iPhone currently only has single core processors, though there have been long-standing rumors that Apple might use the multi-core Cortex A9 in the future.

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