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Thursday, April 29

Are You All Set?

My colleague just returned to work today after attending to his father's funeral. It was a really shocking death for  the whole family as the father was dead before anyone was able to reached him. He didn't show any sign of discomfort in front of the families members. The father's colleagues at work scolded the family members as they didn't paid enough attention to the father as he did mentioned to them (colleagues) that he had some breathing complication. But my friend said that the father didn't mentioned anything in front of the family. Maybe the father just didn't want the family to be worried or wanted to be strong in front of his spouse. The father was found sitting motionless with both his hand crossed on the steering wheel of his broken down car at the side of the road with the honk still being pressed on. I think, he is calling out for help as he was having breathing difficulty at that moment when his car broke down, but sadly no one stop to help. He called up his daughter who didn't managed to picked up the call and lastly his son before he died. Sound so drama is it? But it's real life. 

Why am I writing bout this? Well, it's because, after the father's death, the family members are going through his stuff and was trying to sort out his saving account and other stuff. But since he didn't left a will, hence the bank couldn't hand over the saving or whatever fixed deposit money back to them. And the parents didn't really had an official marriage certificate which really worsen the issue. No one knows the ATM password also, not even the wife. So it's really difficult for them to withdraw the money. So my point  here, is that, we never know when accident will come upon us, so better get all your arrangement done if you're married so that their life can be rest assured, after your departure. Fyi, the father is only 63 years old. And didn't have any indication of sickness (except diabetes) or difficulty of breathing beforehand. Something to let you all think about on a Wednesday morning. Sorry for the sad sad post again. But this is reality, and reality bites. 

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