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Friday, April 30

Are You Kidding Me?

The gym is so dramatic these few weeks especially when Janis & Hilton arrived for an un-official meeting with the members at WC. I guess, they came over because they received a nasty feedback letter from one of the members who had like hundreds of signatures from the members. Since a lot of classes had been changed or 'took off' from the time table when we move to Empire next month (17th May), a lot of the members are not satisfied. I think mainly is because, a particular's instructor's class had been totally taken off from the evening main studio. Totally as in, no more evening classes by the instructor at all. So this caused an up-roared among the members. Janis and Hilton came over and talked with the members explaining why they did the decision and all. Well let me explain the main issue here. 

Firstly, would be the change in the timetable. Secondly, would be the lack of The Mind & Body studio. For the latter, I don't think, they (FF) can do anything as it's already been design and constructed that way. So no point arguing bout it but just make the best of what we got right now. Maybe they can acquire more spaces of the place in the future? Who knows? Anyway, the reason Hilton gave to me on removing the instructor's classes was from the view of the management which I do not want to explain in here but a few members who heard, do not agreed with their explanation. He kept on elaborating on how good is the new studio and the equipments and all, and again, I told him that, if we're looking at those angle, I would had joined TF for ages now. And don't even get me started bout the RPM studio which can only cope for 22 bikes (2 additional from current WC). What's the point? I mean, did he know the Monday and Tuesday night's crowds? It's crazy. I don't think, that will make any 'significant' different. Anyway, we will see how it goes. 

And why does Janis need to come over and talk with the members when the GXM is not around? I mean doing things around the GXM back is not that good for the latter. Duh~! I think they finally gave back the slot to the instructor, or that is what I heard before I left. Since there are a lot of members who joined the club for 7 or 8 years now, I think they had the right to voice out their opinion.

2 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

got this kind of thing, must call me !!! I will KNS them gao gao lak.....

BaBy OcTopUs said...

aiya~ u can always write in and KNS them anytime ma. lolx!!

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